gmoTree – Get and Modify oTree Data

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gmoTree is an R package developed for importing, merging, and efficiently managing data obtained from running oTree experiments. It’s particularly valuable when dealing with complex experimental designs that span multiple sessions and generate a large number of files that need to be integrated.

gmoTree is not an official package of the oTree team, but it was created to complement the open-source platform.


To install the CRAN version of this package, use the following command:


To install the development versions:


List of all functions

See the page Introduction to gmoTree for a more detailed overview of the functions. For further details on the package as a whole, visit the gmoTree website.

Importing data

Cleaning up data

Dealing with dropouts and deleting cases

Deleting sensitive information

Making IDs

Measuring time

Transferring variables between the apps

Before running the experiment