interactionR 0.1.7

*Patch to correct pvalue estimation for SI and relax argument checkings

interactionR 0.1.6

*Bug fix to correct pvalue estimation for survival objects

interactionR 0.1.5

*Quick patch for the last update. Made a correction on an important information for RERI in the documentation.

interactionR 0.1.4

Numerous bug fixes Made recoding optional when at least one exposure is preventive

interactionR 0.1.3

*adds optional pvalue outputting feature to the tabling function

interactionR 0.1.2

Patched version

*Bug fix for wrong estimation of the CI for the joint effects in ‘coxph’ and ‘clogit’ models

interactionR 0.1.1

Patched version

*The dependency Huxtable is now replaced with Flextable

interactionR 0.1.0

First release