joinXL Functions

Yvonne Glanville


joinXL functions perform ‘SQL’ type joins of ‘Excel’ files

Calling any of these functions fulljoinXL(), leftjoinXL(), rightjoinXL(), innerjoinXL() will open a dialog box, which allows 2 ‘.xlsx’ or ‘.xls’ files to be opened.

Follow prompts at the console to manipulate files.
Console Prompt: Which file is your base (1 or 2)?
The values in the rows of the base file take precedence over those in the join file.

A common join column must be chosen for each file. This allows common columns with different naming conventions to be joined.

Minus Query

Calling minusXL() opens a dialog box, which allows 2 ‘.xlsx’ or ‘.xls’ files to be opened. At the console choose the source file, and then 2 operations are performed on the files.

Operation 1. source file-minus-target file
Operation 2. target file-minus-source file

The Excel files are opened using the dialog box. At the console a source file is chosen, and common columns in the source and target files are selected.

Output at the console
1. Preview of source file-minus-target file
2. Preview of target file-minus-source file
3. Preview of source file-minus-target file + target file-minus-source file

Output in working directory

If the source and the target .xlsx files are identical, then the output files will be empty.