Dynamic D3.js Based K-Means Clustering Visualizations in R

This package provides methods for dynamically visualizing k-means clustering data or any ordinal data and its associated clusters, though the original intention was to provide users with a more user friendly visualization tool for k-means clustering.

Development Version: 0.1.0 Travis build status


Use requires package htmlwidgets.


Basic Usage

pcplot, a dynamic visualization of dimensionally reduced data:

scaled_df <- scale(state.x77)
clus <- kmeans(data_scaled, 5)$cluster
pcplot(data = data_scaled, clusters = clus)

Things to note:

pacoplot, a dynamic parallel coordinates plot:

df <- state.x77
clus <- kmeans(data_scaled, 5)$cluster
pacoplot(data = df, clusters = clus)

Things to note:

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