The scDHA software package can perform cell segregation through unsupervised learning, dimension reduction and visualization, cell classification, and time-trajectory inference on single-cell RNA sequencing data.


How to install

To run the Goolam example

How to use the package for new data

To use our package for new data, the package includes these functions:
- scDHA: main function, doing dimension reuction and clustering. The input is a matrix with rows as samples and columns as genes. - scDHA.vis: visualization. The input is demension reduction output. - generating pseudotime. The input is demension reduction output. - scDHA.class: classification new data using available one. The inputs consist of train data matrix, train data label and new data matrix. - The result is reproducible by setting seed for these functions. - More detail about parameters for each function could be found in the manual.


Duc Tran, Hung Nguyen, Bang Tran, Carlo La Vecchia, Hung N. Luu, Tin Nguyen (2021). Fast and precise single-cell data analysis using a hierarchical autoencoder. Nature Communications, 12, 1029. doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-21312-2 (link)