sensiPhy v0.8.5 (2020-03-31)


  1. This new version further adjusts sensiPhy code for R 4.0.0 release. All functions that call data.frame() were adjusted to work with stringsAsFactors = FALSE or stringsAsFactors = TRUE.

sensiPhy v0.8.4 (10 Dec 2019)


  1. This new version adjusts sensiPhy code for R 4.0.0 release. In all sensiPhy functions the use of class(.) == was replaced by inherits(., *).


  1. Updated sensiPhy citation reference.

sensiPhy 0.8.3

Bug fix

This new version fix a small bug with functions for phylogenetic uncertainty (tree_xxx). Minor typos were also fixed.

sensiPhy 0.8.2

Bug fix

This new version fix all issues requested by CRAN. In all sensiPhy functions the use of if() with conditions of length greater than one was corrected to avoid Errors.

sensiPhy 0.8.1


The vigentee now include two new sections:
1. Using sensiPhy to analyse results from other packages
2. How long does it take?

Also available at the online tutorial:

Bug fix

sensiPhy 0.8.0

Major additions

sensiPhy now performs sensitivity analysis for a new class of methods which allows users to perform sensitivity analyses of both continuous and discrete (binary) macro-evolutionary models of trait evolution (e.g. Mkn models for binary traits, OU, BM, lambda etc. for continuous traits).

sensiPhy nor performs sensitivity analysis of phylogenetic uncertainty for simple metrics of diversification and speciation rates (Magallon and Sanderson (2000) method) or speciation rate using (Kendall-Moran method)

New functions (trait evolution)

Influential species:
Influential clades:
Sampling size
Phylogenetic uncertainty

New functions (diversification rates)

Phylogenetic uncertainty

New functions (Diagnostic plots and stats)

Bug fix

sensiPhy 0.7.0

Core changes

sensiPhy now imports the package phytools

Major additions

New functions

Phylogenetic signal


Naming standardization between functions:

  1. slope -> estimate
  2. DF -> DIF
  3. model estimates -> sensi.estimates

Bug fix

sensiPhy 0.6.0

New Functions


sensiPhy 0.5.0

First submission to CRAN.