Economic information of Banco de México

This package is aimed at querying data series from Banco de México.

siebanxicor allows to retrieve the time series of all indicators available in This tool aims at developers and analysts who seek to make automatic the retrieval of the economic information published by Banco de México.

This package uses the Economic Information System API of Banco de México ( to obtain the data series published. This API requires that every request be identified by a token. This query token can be obtained here The query token can be used in multiple requests, as long as the query limits are respected (more information

To start using the functions included in this package, is mandatory first to set the token using setToken()

token <- “d4b584b43a1413f56e5abdcc0f9e74db112ce9bb2f1580c80cb252f5a18b30a21” setToken(token)

The string token is only an example, an own token must be generated in the aforementioned link.

Once the token has been set, the data series can be retrieved using getSeriesData()

idSeries <- c(“SF43718”,“SF46410”,“SF46407”) series <- getSeriesData(idSeries)

The time period retrieved can be limited using the parameters startDate and endDate. These parameters are strings that represent a date in the format “yyyy-MM-dd”. If one of these dates is omitted the entire data are returned.

idSeries <- c(“SF43718”,“SF46410”,“SF46407”) series <- getSeriesData(idSeries, startDate=‘2016-01-01’,endDate=‘2018-07-12’)

It is also possible to query only the current value of certain time series. The function getSeriesCurrentValue() accomplishes this task:

idSeries <- c(“SF43718”,“SF46410”,“SF46407”) seriesDataFrame <- getSeriesCurrentValue(idSeries)

serieDataFrame <- getSeriesCurrentValue(“SF43718”)

The value returned is the last one published in SIE.

The series metadata can be queried with the function getSeriesMetadata():

series <- getSeriesMetadata(c(“SF43718”,“SF46410”,“SF46407”))

The idSeries requiered to use this package can be found in: