sistec: Tools to Analyze Sistec Datasets

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The Sistec is the Brazilian system for diploma registration and validation on technical and superior courses. The sistec package provides tools for Brazilian institutions to update the student’s registration and make data analysis about their situation, retention and drop out.


You can install the sistec package from CRAN as follows:


To upgrade to the latest version of sistec, run the following command and restart your R session:


Load the package.


Sistec datasets

You can download the Sistec’s student registration using your proper account on Sistec. The package provides support if your data comes from setec or web. Be sure that your data has these variables:

Tip: To take every student for your institution/campus using web, search by student name and use ” “.

Qacademico datasets

To download the student’s data, go to your proper account on Qacademico and follow:

Be sure that your data has the variables: “Matricula”, “Nome”, “Situacao Matricula”, “Curso”, “Cpf”, “Instituicao”, “Per. Letivo Inicial” and “Cota”.

Sigaa datasets

Sigaa datasets can be partial or complete. These two formats can perform the comparison, but the partial doesn’t have information about “Campus” and “Cota”.

To download the partial Sigaa’s data, go to your proper account on Sigaa and follow:

For the complete dataset, you have to download directly from the Sigaa database. Be sure that your data has the variables: “Matricula”, “Nome”, “Situacao Matricula”, “Curso”, “Cpf”, “Instituicao”, “ano_ingresso”, “semestre_ingresso” and “Cota”.

Read files

Load the sistec package and pass the folder path to read_sistec() and read_rfept() functions. (NOTE: These datasets were generated randomly and do not represent the reality, it is just for example purpose).

sistec <- read_sistec(system.file("extdata/examples/sistec", package = "sistec"))
qacademico <- read_rfept(system.file("extdata/examples/qacademico", package = "sistec"))


Compare the student’s situation using compare_sistec()

comparison <- compare_sistec(sistec, qacademico)

Save results

You can save the comparison in .xlsx format using write_output()

write_output(output_path = "your_folder",
             output_folder_name = "the_name_you_want",
             comparison = comparison)

ARIA web interface

ARIA is the web interface created in this package to ease your work. You can use all those functions just clicking in a few buttons. The ARIA is available on version desktop, online or run aria() in your R session.