supernova 3.0.0

Breaking changes

supernova 2.5.8

supernova 2.5.7

supernova 2.5.6

supernova 2.5.5

supernova 2.5.4

supernova 2.5.3

supernova 2.5.2

Breaking (kind of)

supernova 2.5.1

supernova 2.5.0

supernova 2.4.4

supernova 2.4.3

supernova 2.4.2

supernova 2.4.1

supernova 2.4.0

New features

There are four new pairwise comparisons functions:

Each of these determines all the pairwise comparisons that can be made for a model (fit by lm()) and then computes the comparisons. For pairwise_t() no correction is made for multiple comparisons, but for the others, the named correction is made. These corrections can also be specified as arguments to the pairwise() wrapper function. Each function produces output that has customized printing, supports most (if not all) normal data frame actions, and a plotting function that graphs the mean differences and their confidence intervals.

supernova 2.3.0

supernova 2.2.3

supernova 2.2.2

supernova 2.2.1

supernova 2.2.0

Extend supernova to handle within (crossed) designs

Minor changes:

supernova 2.1.1

supernova 2.0.0

supernova 1.1.0

This version of supernova is the original distributed on CRAN. Calculation of supernova() tables with multiple predictor variables in this version will not produce output similar to the reference text, Judd, McClelland, and Ryan. However, the values for single predictor models are correct.